Tour de littérature

“Tour de littérature” is a project whose purpose is promotion of reading with the use of modern carriers and communication devices along with creative potential of writers. The assumption of the project is promotional support for interesting contemporary literary phenomena on the Polish and foreign literary scene, as well as attracting the Polish readers’ attention to creativity of writers/ exiles who, on account of political situation, cannot write freely in their countries. The project is going to be attended by scholarship holders of programmes offered by the Villa Decius Association. The project encompasses: production of short films, created jointly by the curator of the entire cycle and the writer invited to the project. The second component is going to be preparation of a publication – an interview with a writer/ exile, resident of the ICORN programme. The third element of the project will be four meetings with writers open for the public in 2014.











Dofinansowano ze środków Ministra Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego 

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 Partnerem Przedsięwzięcia jest Województwo Małopolskie 


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