Three languages, nations, literatures … or perhaps three languages, more than three nations yet one literature? RADAR, the international literary magazine, broadcast and published in German, Polish and Ukrainian, was founded in an atmosphere of such reflections.


It all began with the “Homines Urbani” programme established in Villa Decius, which involved a number of international trips to Berlin and Lviv and to a number of festivals. A network of literary contacts created in this way needed a platform for an exchange of information, texts and trends, and RADAR provided such space. All material published in the magazine is presented in three languages, rising above the idea of national cultures. This allows us to understand, discuss and argue our ideas better but, more than anything, inspire one another.


RADAR’s editorial board invites the cooperation of writers, translators, critics and editors and also of institutions which endorse the idea behind RADAR. Together, on the ground of literature, we will create a piece of the world without borders. All RADAR issues published to date are available online at www.e-radar.pl.




Renata Serednicka



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