Our publications

  • Informations of Villa Decius Association

    Publication presents activity of Villa Decius Association in 2008. Describe of: Homines Urbani scholarship, conference Millennium Goals of Culture, Visegrad Summer School and many others.

  • Millennium Goals of Culture

    Publication is a transcript of conference which took place in Villa Decius on October 2008, where was presented activity of international institutions responsible for Millennium Goals of Culture. During the conference were defined area and method of acting, started debate of conflict between culture and law, and finally presented initiatives for MGoC and multicultural dialogue .

  • Our Europe

    Transcript of educational projected aimed to promote human rights and toleration in Poland, realized by Villa Decius Association In 2007 and 2008. Main objective of program was to create sensitivity towards the problems of national and ethnic minorities in the context of xenophobia, discrimination and rejection, and, in consequence, increasing acceptance of people of dissimilar ethno-cultural characteristics.


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  • Captive Mind Revised

    Captive Mind Revisited conference was an occasion to reflections on various political, social and cultural aspects of European relations. Publication include speeches of participants of debate, which was held on October 2007.

  • Visegrad Summer School

    The aim of the Visegrad Summer School is to provide an attractive and alternative learning space for young people from Central Europe and enable them to get acquainted with the most important social, security, economic, political and cultural issues which may reinforce or inhibit their European co-operation.


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  • Central European Case Studies

    Series “Publicationes Collegii Iuridici de Ludovico Batthyany Nominatae”.


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  • From Decius to Dedecius. The Silent Intelligentsia?

    This book was published on the 10th anniversary of restoration of Villa Decius. The publication is a summary of the debate which subject was historical and cultural heritage as well as new challenges facing Europe. The debate took place on 9 September 2006. The book was in both Polish an English thanks to the financial support of the Robert Bosch Foundation.

  • Literary magazine “Radar”, 1/2010

    “Radar” is an international literary magazine published in German, Polish and Ukrainian, which derives from the experience of The Villa Decius Association’s scholarship programme “Homines Urbani”, joint trips of grant holders to Berlin and Lviv and international festivals. In the publication you may find, among others, the prose and poetry of Adrian Krastnitz, Marta Dzido and Serhij Żadan.


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