Our publications

  • Journey North: An Anthology of New Literature in Polish and Norwegian

    Summary of two-year (2010-2011) programme of scholarships and cultural events addressed to the writers of Norway and Poland, as well as Ukraine and the German-speaking countries.


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  • Villa Decius News

    Presentation of The Villa Decius Association’s activity in 2010. It includes most of the carried out programmes, as well as plans for 2011, the year of the 15th anniversary of the Association’s creation and Villa Decius’ renovation. The publication was published in 2011.


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  • Education for integration. Experiences, ideas, practical activities in multicultural classrooms

    This publication aims at teachers that will help them to prepare students better for life in multicultural classrooms and in a society that is open to cultural diversity.


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  • Literary magazine „Radar”

    In early June, selected clubs and bookstores will get the third issue of the trilingual Literary Magazine, “Radar”. The magazine will include essays by Peter Haffner, Ostap Slywynski and Igor Stokfiszewski, dramatic texts by Marius von Maryenburg, Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk and Mary Nikitiuk, poems by Natalia de Barbaro, Lew Hryciuk, Albina Pozdniakow, Ron Winkler, and prose of Edward Pasewicz, Martin Pollack and Fridolin Schley.


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  • Tolerance, how to teach oneself and the others

    The book was written by Dr Jolanta Ambrosewicz Jacobs to meet the needs of conference “tolerance.pl” which was organised in Villa Decius in September 2003. It deals with the issues of prejudice, racism, xenophobia and discrimination and highlights the need of intercultural and multicultural education.


    Apart from theoretical background and analysis, the publication contains excellent sets of practical exercises and presentation of techniques that can be used in teaching tolerance. Annex contains a selection of non-governmental organizations working in the field of education for tolerance. The book was published with the financial support of the American Embassy in Warsaw.


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  • Villa Decius Brochure

    The brochure Villa Decius presenting the history, objectives and programmes of Villa Decius, was published thanks to the financial support of Plus GSM, PricewaterhouseCoopers as well as the Małopolskie Voivodeship and Kraków City Council. Published in Polish and in English versions.

  • Conversations in Villa Decius 3

    The third volume of the Conversations in Villa Decius series includes the most important speeches, discussions and reflections presented during the international conference “The Weimar Triangle and Ukraine”. The conference was held in Villa Decius in October 2002. The publication, whose English version is entitled Conversations in Villa Decius 3. The Weimar Triangle and Ukraine. Models of Cooperation between East and West , was financed by the Office of the Committee for European Integration.


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  • Conversations in Villa Decius 4

    The forth volume of the Conversations in Villa Decius series was published under the title: Weimar Triangle and Ukraine. European Models of Integration and Regional Cooperation. The book is a record of conference held under the same title in Villa Decius on 24-26 May 2003. It contains speeches, experts’ presentations and discussions among experts and students – conference participants. The book published in English thanks to the financial support of Robert Bosch Foundation and Foundation of Polish-German Cooperation.


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