Antidiscrimination Training Academy in Villa Decius

The Antidiscrimination Training Academy is an original complex programme designed by the Villa Decius Association for people working or cooperating with Polish NGOs. The Academy offers intensive training and presentations of the contemporary concepts and good practices in the field of human right protection. We have chosen two themes within this wide scope: gender and multiculturalism.


The programme is designed so that it combines learning about the effective tools with the contemporary knowledge and exchange of experiences among participants. After an intensive training participants will be equipped with coaching competences and essentially ready for leading antidiscrimination trainings in their companies.




People working in NGOs with passion and engagement take many educational initiatives in the field of human rights protection. In this field it is necessary to continually improve one’s competences, search for actual trends and best practices. The problems of gender equality, ethnic and cultural minorities including immigrants and refugees are often known only one-sidedly and poorly. It is not rare that the academic or formal knowledge is not accompanied by its real meaning and possibilities of its use in practice. Intuitive work without real knowledge of the needs and problems, without special sensitivity and cultural knowledge can sometimes be harmful rather than useful. If the antidiscrimination coaches want to achieve appropriate effects, they should know the methods and techniques of the effective training and group work well.




The offer is addressed mainly to the people working for NGOs active in the human rights field, but with a regard to the needs applicants from governmental and local government institutions that provide help for discriminated groups will be accepted too. Participants will be selected on the basis of questionnaires, motivation letters, recommendations and interviews. The last stage of recruitment will be the interpersonal training after which the qualified candidates together with organizers and supervisors will decide about their part in the Academy. Project experts are the representatives of the academic sphere, leading NGOs and institutions active in the field of gender equality and discriminated minority groups, as well as experiences coaches and consultants specialized in interpersonal and coach trainings. The project will also host partners from abroad, eminent personalities from academia and practice, who will provide the knowledge about the European solution in the field. The selection of participants and trainers will be also based on respect to differences: gender, cultural, ethnic, age etc, taking into account the real needs and specifics of the sector.




Since October 2008 until September 2009 the first edition of the Academy will be organized with an aim to provide professional training for coaches and actual knowledge from the chosen issues in the field of human rights. Participants will be trained in two workgroups: gender and cultural sensitivity, which will include the problems of minorities. At the points where the topics of the groups are merging, groups will have sessions together. The inauguration of the Academy will be open to public. The course will consist of 10 intensive conferences lasting for several days, with 340 hours of education and 250 hours of training in coaching. After completing the series of workshops, lectures, discussions and practical assignments the participants will work in pairs on a programme of their own diploma training and following that they will lead workshops in their own companies (June 2009). Experienced trainers, supervisors of the Academy, will grade the work of the graduates and provide recommendations and notes for planning the next development. After the summer break students will meet at an evaluation session where they will receive their diplomas (September 2009). The sessions will take place in Krakow, one of the sessions will have a travel character.




Anna Kowalska, project coordinator

Villa Decius Association

ul. 28 Lipca 17a, 30-233 Kraków

tel.: +48 12 425-36-44 w. 197

fax: +48 12 425-36-63



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