We know the results of the Tastes of Multiculturalism plebiscite!

Taste of Multiculturalism plebiscite is an action where any place run by foreigners, serving dishes from the countries of their origin,  deserving a distinction for the quality, atmosphere and unique authentic taste of a given cuisine could be voted for as best spot in Krakow. The award for the winning restaurant is the production of video-promotional material that presents the restaurant and its owners. More information is  avaiable in the regulations of the action.

The moment has come and we officially know the results. Voting lasted between 23.09 – 03.10 and we has received 537 valid voices. Congratulations to all candidates, as all of them were praised and cheered by faithful fans. The scoreboard is:

  1. Dutch Point – 274
  2. Pistachio Box – 75
  3. Mezzalians – 61 
  4. Taste of India – 50 
  5. Pan Kimbap – 46
  6. Al Medina – 24
  7. Wietnam – 7

The protocol of the opening of the result database can be read here: ENG- Protocol – Tastes of Multiculturalism


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