Invitation to the conference “Anti-Semitism 2.0. Manifestations of Anti-Semitism at online sphere in Central European region”, inaugurating the ComAnCE project

The conference “Anti-Semitism 2.0: Manifestations of Anti-Semitism in the Online Sphere in Central Europe region” opens a space for interdisciplinary dialogue on topics closely related to identifying and counteracting anti-Semitic hate speech online. Among the thematic panels there are such issues as theoretical approaches to the study of anti-Semitism from the perspective of contemporary Internet communication or methodological solutions in this field.


We encourage individuals involved in research related to combating and detecting hate speech, as well as those devoted to the issue of anti-Semitism to send their applications. Submissions should include an abstract of up to 500 words in English, a short bio and contact information. All submissions should be sent by 30.04.2021 to: info@bpi.sk.


Participation in the conference is free of charge.


For more information on application requirements, scope of presentations and organizational details, please see the file below.


Call for papers – Antisemitism 2.0 Conference


The conference is organized by the Bratislava Policy Institute as part of the ComAnCE project, co-created by the Villa Decius Association.



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