13th Summer Visegrad School Is Over

The 13th Summer Visegrad School has ended. In the course of lectures, debates and workshops, 45 young Europeans from twelve countries talked about the current social and political issues of Central and Eastern Europe as well as challenges and threats of modernity in a group of outstanding experts. An important part of the programme was an attempt at a critical settlement of system transformations in this part of Europe and subjects related to the current events in Ukraine. We would like to offer special acknowledgements to our partners, founders, sponsors and media patrons for the assistance granted to us and involvement in the 13th edition of this unique international project.


Opening of the 13. edition of Visegrad Summer School

European platform, 2 July 2014

 MultiCOOLtural garden party – 3 July 2014

Study visit in Krakow – 5 July 2014

Lecture of prof. Norman Davies, 10 July 2014

Presenting of Visegrad Summer School Certificates – 11 July 2014

More photos and information about 13th Visegrad Summer School on the website:




The Visegrad Summer School is a part of the Platform for Advanced Studies – a project co-financed by the Narodowy Bank Polski. The main objective of the project is to develop a platform for advanced studies, which is alternative to regulation studies and is aimed at acquiring advanced knowledge in the area of culture and economics, including the role and mission of the Narodowy Bank Polski, national and European financial policy and shaping of attitudes favourable to international cooperation and the development of entrepreneurship.











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