|Visegrad 1.5| An audiobook live |

On the 9th of June, at 8:00 p.m., we would like to invite everyone to the Bill Hicman pub in Krakow’s Kazimierz district for the premiere of the “Visegrad 1.5” audiobook presenting the works of the scholarship holders of the spring edition of the “Visegrad Literary Residencies” project: Krisztina Galgoczi, Marek Debnar, Břetislav Ditrych, and Joanna Szczepanik. The original interpretation was prepared by Iwona Sitkowska and Kajetan Wolniewicz, and the music by Jacek “Budyń” Szymkiewicz. The audio drama was directed by Iwona Nowacka. Admission is free!


The “Visegrad Literary Residencies” project is the initiative of the International Visegrad Fund. It is a series of residency stays and literary events. It is addressed to writers, poets, essayists, critics, literary translators, and journalists from the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary. The aim of the programme is to offer annual residency stays in each of the V4 countries to selected literary residents from all four member states, to support their work and mobility, and to create a platform for the exchange of information. The Villa Decius Association is the programme’s coordinator.

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