Polish-British Round Table 2014

On Thursday, June 5, at 6.30 p.m., Professor Norman Davies, outstanding British historian, is going to give a lecture inaugurating the session of the Polish-British Round Table “A Decisive Year for Europe”. 





The opening of the Polish-British Round Table (June 5 and 6, 2014) will be combined with a public debate attended by Polish and British speakers. Krzysztof Bobiński will host the meeting.


Further part of the session of the Polish-British Round Table entitled “A Decisive Year for Europe” will consist of a closed seminar in Villa Decius in the group of approx. 40 people, divided into the following thematic modules:


  • European Democracy? The EU between European and national elections
  • An Impossible Triangle? Economy, Energy and Environment
  • Ukraine: What is to be done?



The Polish-British Round Table is today one of the most important events of the Polish-British dialogue of top rank implemented as an annual meeting of a group of several dozen politicians, diplomats, officials, intellectuals and business and media representatives from Poland and Great Britain who in Villa Decius discuss the most important events on the European agenda.


The idea of meetings is the effect of cooperation of the Centre for European Reform, Chatham House, European Studies Centre St Antony’s College of the Oxford University, demosEUROPA Foundation – Centre for European Strategy, Foundation Unia&Polska and the Villa Decius Association.








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