Villa Decius and Scholars at Risk at Freedom Games

The 2021 edition of Freedom Games is to be held on September 10-12 in the EC1, Lodz. Every year, this interdisciplinary cultural forum is a meeting place for leaders of various environments in the debate on democratic values. The main theme of this year’s forum is to be “The New Social Contract”.


The Villa Decius Association is a co-organizer of the disscusion panel on Academic Freedom, promoting the Scholars at Risk international network. Among the panelists are prof. Dominika Kasprowicz, Director of Villa Decius and prof. Candan Badem, the first Polish SAR Fellow at the Jagiellonian Univeristy. Join us online !


Sunday 12.09.2021, 11:00 – 11:45 – Academic Freedom – Discussion panel


  • Dominika Kasprowicz – Associate Professor at the Jagiellonian University, Director of Villa Decius
  • Candan Badem – Turkish historian, the first Scholars At Risk Fellow in Poland
  • Jan Grabowski – Professor of history at the University of Ottawa


Moderator: Magdalena M. Baran – doctor of philosophy, Polish historian of philosophy and ethics, journalist


Academic freedom, and above all the threats it has to face, is becoming one of the hot topics of public debate. Both the humanities and science must deal with the attempts of politicians, but also ideologically oriented researchers. UNESCO defines Academic freedom as the right to free teaching and discussion, assuming at the same time the freedom to conduct scientific research, to formulate conclusions and to publish research results. Meanwhile, we are faced with more and more questions: What is a threat to academic freedom today? Are we talking about freedom of research or also about personal threats faced by individual researchers? What threats “occur” locally and what are global ones? How is the academic community dealing with these threats? Can we speak of academic solidarity, and if so, at what level? How to deal with the threats posed by politics?


  ONLINE STREAM of all 2021 Freedom Games events will be available on the www.igrzyskawolnosci.pl/en website and on social media of Freedom Games.


Once again, Freedom Games shall become an intellectually stimulating cultural event with an educational value. Participants will have a unique opportunity to meet in Lodz and online leading intellectuals, representatives of culture, academia, and public life from around the globe. An ambitious program is to be combined with openness and availability to each and every participant.


More about  Freedom Games and about why we need a “new social contractHere : https://bit.ly/3DTSO0J 

The program: https://igrzyskawolnosci.pl/en/program/
More details on FB event: Igrzyska Wolności 2021: Nowa umowa społeczna 

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