Meeting with Belarusian culture within the Belarusian Week in Krakow, 30 March 2008. The Villa Decius Association and the Belarusian Alternative Association cordially welcome you to a programme „Villa-Belarus-World” organised within the framework of the Belarusian Week in Krakow. The main aim of the project is to promote Belarusian culture and present traditions linking Belarusian and European cultural heritage.







Eco-exhibition: presentation of foolscap graphics by Belarusian artists devoted to ecology. The initiator of the exhibition is a non-governmental organisation from Minsk “Ecohome” (Экодом).


Belarusian historical dances performed by Gistryon Ensemble: presentation of the knightly arts by knightly fraternities – “Kniazych” from Belarus and “Bractwo Orlich Gniazd” from Poland.



Gistryon Ensemble (Гістрыён) was founded by “Wielkie Księstwo” knightly fraternity in 2004. The ensemble performs historical national dances of Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Great Britain and other European countries. The artists are laureates of many international festivals of early dances.


Kniazych (Княжыч) Knightly Fraternity from Novopolotsk in Belarus is composed of young artists whose aim is to document traditional Belarusian songs.


Admission free


Villa Decius Association

ul. 28 lipca 17a, 30-233 Krakow



Organiser of the Belarusian Week in Krakow

Belarusian Alternative Association in Krakow




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