„When women stay silent”: Bougrab, Vášáryová, Kavková, Dzido

Villa Decius Association and the Evens Foundation invite to a debate “When women stay silent”, which will be attended by Jeannette Bougrab, Magdalena Vášáryová, Jana Smiggels Kavková and Marta Dzido.


Wednesday, 15 July


10.00–11.30 When women stay silent, debate

Debate with additional guest invited by the Evens Foundation


Jeannette Bougrabis a French lawyer and politician. She served as the junior minister for Youth and Community Life from 2010 2012 and is a member of the UMP party. Prior to this, she was the Chair of the French Equal Opportunities and Anti-Discrimination Commission (HALDE) from 16 April 2010 to 14 November 2010. Jeannette Bougrab received a Masters (DEA) in Law from the University of Orléans and completed a PhD in Public Law from the Sorbonne in Paris as well as a Masters (Magistère) in Economics Law. She has been an associate Professor of Law at Institut d’Études Politiques de Paris and the Sorbonne. She served on the Board of Directors of the Union pour un Mouvement Populaire (UMP) until 2007. She has been a member of the Haut Conseil à l’Intégration, the Administrative Board of the Arab World Institute (AWI) and the diversity oversight of the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA). In 2010, she also became Chair of the Administrative Board of the Agence pour la Cohésion Sociale et l’Egalité (ACSE). She has been a member of National Council of France. She is also a writer and film director.


Magdalena Vášáryová – a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic. Chairwoman of the oldest Slovak women’s association “Živena” and chairwoman of the Institute for cultural policies. In the past she served as a State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Aff airs of the Slovak Republic. Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to  Poland  (2000–2005),  between  1990–1993  Czechoslovak  Ambassador  to Austria. Founder and in years 1993–2000 the director of the Slovak Foreign Policy Association – SFPA (today honorary chair). Lectured at the Institute of International Relationships and Law Harmonization at the Faculty of Law of the Comenius University in Bratislava, and currently she is lecturer at the CEVRO Institute (Prague). In 2010 she was awarded with a Gold Medal for Meritorious for Culture – Gloria Artis. An author of several books and articles in domestic and international press.


Jana Smiggels Kavková studied Political Science in Leiden, The Netherlands. She has been working in the fi eld of gender equality since 2005. As a member and later chair of Commission on Equal Representation of Women and Men in Politics, she cooperated on drafting a law proposal introducing quotas. In  2010  Forum  50  %  ran  a  successful  campaign  to  support  women  in  the elections resulting in election of 14 women MPs by using preferential votes. Jana is member of Council for Equal Opportunities of Women and Men of the Government and board member of European Women’s Lobby.


Marta Dzido – writer, documentary fi lmmaker and fi lm editor. Studied at the Polish Film School  in  Łódź.  Author  of  three  novels:  A  Mark  Left  by  Mom,  The  Clam and  a  hypertext  Matrioszka.  Director  of  photography  of  the  documentary  Underground Women’s State and co-director of Downtown, a documentary that  has  won  the  Hollywood  Eagle  Documentary  Award  in  2011.  Her documentary “Solidarity according to Women” won The Krzysztof Kieslowski Beyond Borders Award in 2015. A holder of the grant of the Book Institute and of the Homines Urbani grant of the Villa Decius Association (2007), Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2007), Young Poland (2012) and Visegrad Literary Residency Program (2012).









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