Visegrad Insight

Offering an engaging insight into the Visegrad Group, Visegrad Insight is a journal published twice yearly by Polish quarterly Res Publica Nowa together with partners from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia.


Established in 2012, Visegrad Insight was formed with the intention of providing a forum for debate on the pertinent issues facing the Visegrad group at this present juncture. Encompassing many diverse and engaging opinions, Visegrad Insight offers the reader a unique perspective into the background of the Visegrad members.


Utilising a wide range of opinions from renowned academic and political experts, Visegrad Insight is an essential guide into the parameters that exist behind the Visegrad countries today. Chronicling events from the formation of the V-4 group through to present day issues, the journal offers all readers the opportunity for debate on the perspectives and challenges for cooperation of the Central European governments, businesses and communities. Using an array of well-renowned intellectuals, Visegrad Insight has availed of the work of many experts associated with the Villa Decius Association and the Visegrad Summer School in recent years. Undoubtedly important, Visegrad Insight represents a unique opportunity to comprehend the issues facing the Visegrad group today.


To read on-line or get a copy visit www.visegradinsight.eu

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