Historical Dances in Villa Decius

Shows of historical dances have started; on Sunday the 28th of July, at the stage in front of Villa Decius, dancers from the “Cracovia Danza” Cracow’s Court Ballet and Marie-Claire Bär Le Corre from France presented historical Renaissance dances from Italian courts. On Monday, July the 29th the audience saw the outstanding performance entitled “In a Toy Store” of the “Capella Antiqua Bialostociensis” Court Music Ensemble. On Tuesday, July the 30th the audience was enchanted by the performance of Baroque dance “In a Toy Store” of the “Capella Antiqua Bialostociensis” Court Music Ensemble and by performance “Mirage” of Alicja Petrus from the “Cracovia Danza” Court Ballet.



  • Indian Classic Dances Kathak and Odissi: Alaknanda Bose together with the “Sanskriti” Dance Group (New Delhi, India) – July the 31st, 2012


A performance of classic Indian dance prepared by the “Sanskriti” dance group from India. The artists possess almost twenty years of professional experience. The group performed at numerous festivals, including Singapore, Bulgaria, South Korea and Poland. Artistic management of the group is performed by Alaknanda Bose, an outstanding Indian dancer and Director of the Alaknanda Institute of Performing Arts (AIPA). The performance is divided into three sequences. In the course of invocation to Shiva, the dancers celebrated various incarnations of the god. The second part, entitled “Bageshree”, relies on a rhythm composed of 16 beats known as TEEN TAAL. The third part is the presentation of “Tarana” based on raga Malkauns and refers to the vocal, improvised recitation which developed at the Mogul court.



  • “Antiquo More” Early Dance Studio (Irkutsk) – July the 30th, 2013


Dancers from the “Antiquo More” Early Dance Studio from Irkutsk in Siberia (Russia) presented a performance entitled “Red Riding Hood” based on Renaissance choreography sets for musical compositions from the epoch. On everyday basis, the group performs court dances from Middle Ages to the 19th century; every year, it acquires new skills at the workshops organized in Villa Decius in Cracow.



  • “Neveux de Rameau” Baroque Dance Ensemble (Sankt Petersburg): July the 30th, 2013


“Neveux de Rameau” Baroque Dance Ensemble from Sankt Petersburg (Russia) presented a ballet entitled “Ulysses and Circe” based on Homer’s Iliad. The arrangement of the performance constituted visualization of gallant Baroque, the period of rule of Louis XIV. The character of the age was faithfully rendered by care of details, such as lavish costumes, excellent Baroque music (by Jean-Baptiste Lully and Jean-Phillipe Rameau), as well as grace and lightness of steps, so characteristic for theatrical and court dances. Direction and artistic management of the ensemble: Ekaterina Bespalova; set-design: Danil Vedernikov.



  • Baroque Dance Performance: “In a Toy Store” by “Capella Antiqua Bialostociensis” Court Music Ensemble (Poland): July the 29th, 2013


On July the 29th, the “Capella Antiqua Bialostociensis” Court Music Ensemble from Białystok presented a performance entitled “In a Toy Store” – a Baroque dance and pantomime show prepared under the supervision of Helena Szuhalska in cooperation with Magdalena Żmuda. The choreography was prepared by Romana Agnel, Magdalena Żmuda and Helena Szuhalska, according to original sets of Pecour and Lully. Set design, according to the idea of Helena Szuhalska, was prepared by graphic art studio of the “Śródmieście” Cultural Centre: Aleksandra Krasnoborska and Katarzyna Magdziak.



  • Performance “Mirage” by Alicja Petrus from the “Cracovia Danza” Court Ballet: July the 29th, 2013


The second presented performance was “Mirage” whose choreography was prepared by Alicja Petrus (as her diploma project) (from the “Cracovia Danza” Court Ballet) at the Department of Choreography and Dance Technique at the Academy of Music in Łódź. Monika Kieliba, Aleksandra Pawluczuk and Jan Fečzko, dancers from the “Cracovia Danza” Court ballet, star in the performance which subtly combines Baroque compositions and historical dances with modern choreography sets.



  • Renesans włoski – Marie-Claire Bär Le Corre (Francja), Balet Dworski „Cracovia Danza” – 28 lipca 2013 



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