“Searching for Lear” – Gardens of Creativity – Theatre and Dance 2013

The Villa Decius Association invites all our sympathizers to take part in the new edition of the Gardens of Creativity 2013 – Theatre and Dance project on Sunday, 6 October at 6:00pm. This is when we will host a presentation of “Searching for Lear” based on the original screenplay by Michał Zaniecki. The show is a collage of theatre and vocal performance, based on Shakespeare’s character of Lear, King of Britannia, and on the motifs of the biography of Giuseppe Verdi who frequently used Shakespeare’s texts. King Lear was of particular interest to Verdi, who wanted to write a music to the play all his life but finally never managed to do so. His inner dilemmas, struggle with his own thoughts and many years of hoping to realize the dream … Michał Zaniecki found all this in Verdi’s diaries, correspondence, notes and other documents.







 Projekt finansowany ze środków Ministerstwa Kultury i Dziedzictwa Narodowego




 Projekt zrealizowano przy wsparciu finansowym Województwa Małopolskiego








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