Architecture for Visegrad Children and Teachers

Architecture for Visegrad Children and Teachers is a project operated by ArtSchool in Brno, financed by International Visegrad Fund, which main idea is to spread the architecture and environmental education for preschoolers, pupils (4 to 14) and teachers interested in the topic. Villa Decius is Polish partner of the project.


The project is inspired by Finnish School of Architecture for Children and Youth, Arkki and it begins with a Workshop for all partners of the project from V4 and teachers from Brno interested in the event. The Workshop consists of Architecture for teachers lecture prepared by ArtSchool and it includes discussion on the content of the online educational materials and Summer School of Architecture for Visegrad children, which are two main outputs of the project.


The aim is to create new and interesting art activity for children and make the educational materials available for everyone interested in innovations in art education.


More information: http://www.artschool.cz/visegrad/en/





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