Creative Scholarships 2014 Start

On September 1, the “Creative Scholarships 2014” project was started. For three months, the following artists will pursue their literary and artistic projects in the historical annex of the Villa Decius – Łaski House: Daniela Dröscher – German prose writer, author of theatre plays; Katharina Schmitt – playwright, theatre director, author of radio shows and Martina Mair – illustrator of books for children. The “Creative Scholarships 2014” programme is addressed to German writers, literature translators from German to Polish and from Polish to German and its founder is the Polish German Cooperation Foundation.


Daniela Dröscher (1977) – prose writer, author of theatre plays and essays. Her debut novel, “Die Lichter der George Psalmanazar” was published in 2009 by Berlin Verlag. In 2012, she published her second novel, entitled “Pola.” Daniela received numerous prizes for her literary publications, including the Prize of Anna Seghers (2009) and Koblenzer Literaturpreis (2012). Having completed studies on German literature, English literature and Philosophy in Trier and English Literary Studies in London, she defended Ph.D. thesis on European media knowledge. In 2008, she started screenwriting studies at UniT in Graz. She lives in Berlin. During her scholarship in Villa Decius, she is going to prepare a radio show devoted to myths around the life of Pola Negri – a well known silent cinema actress.


Katharina Schmitt (1979) – playwright, theatre director, author of radio shows. Her plays, “Knock Out” (world premiere in 2008) and “SAM” (world premiere in 2012) were adapted for Deutschlandradio Kultur. She is also the author of plays “Im Pelz” (world premiere in 2009) and “Jugendbildnis” (world premiere in 2012). Having graduated from high school, Katharina moved to Prague and studied theatre directing at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts. Since 2012, she has been working in the Prague theatre, Studio Hrdinu. She received numerous prizes and scholarship grants for her work, including the prize of Jakob Michael Reinhold Lenz for drama in 2007 and Residency in Watermill Center in New York in 2012. During her stay in Kraków, she will work on a new theatre text.


Martina Mair (1971) – illustrator of books, independent artist; organizes drawing and painting courses for children and adults. Martina frequented a vocational school of graphic design and advertising and studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. She received the Jubilee Scholarship of the City of Munich and the scholarship of Goethe Institute in Greece. She is the author of illustrations for children’s books: “Seepferdchen, kleiner Glücksbringer” (2011) by Dirk Walbrecker, “Ein Mantel für den Wiedehopf” (2003) by Ghazi Abdel Qadir. Martina is also the author of her own picture books: “Mümmel sucht das Weite” (2010) and “Molly Maulwurf baut ein Haus” (2000). The latter book received the title of the book of the month from the German Academy of Children’s and Youth Literature. During her stay in Kraków, she is planning to work on her hew picture book, “Lars und Pimp”, which is going to be addressed not only to children, but also to adults.








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