Meeting with Andra Joeckle

The Villa Decius Association and the Goethe Institute invite you to a meeting with Andra Joeckle at the Goethe Institute on the main market square (address: Rynek Główny 20) in Krakow. Andra Joeckle is a writer from Berlin and is currently staying at the Villa Decius in Krakow on a two-month scholarship by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. Instead of preparing her stay in Krakow with a typical guide book Joeckle read Gombrowicz in order to discover the city in the audacious spirit of the enfant terrible of Polish literature. She tries to give typical Gombrowicz words a new subjective meaning. Andra Joeckle was born in Freiburg and studied German philology, art history and drama. Her first novel “Laura und die Verschwendung der Liebe” (Laura and the waste of love) was published in 2002.

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