ICORN resident meets with the Krakow City Council

The current ICORN resident, Dr. Felix Kaputu, met on the 5th July with the Commission for Culture, Promotion and Heritage Monuments Protection of the Krakow City Council, in order to present the ICORN program together with Dr. Danuta Glondys and Robert Piaskowski, and discuss it with the Council Members.


Dr. Kaputu started his speech with the words: „For the last many years, I have been a pilgrim; I am a pilgrim. From the Old Ages, pilgrims are known for their religious travels towards holy places. I am a pilgrim of our times and have been looking for havens for the last decade without much hope for reaching back the departure point.” Present were also words of acknowledgements and recognition towards both the City, and the coordinating institutions, and an animate discussion with the Council Members concerning culture, art and refuge.


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