Gardens of Creativity. Contemporary Dance Stage

The next part of the Gardens of Creativity project will be a spectacle performed by the dancers of the Contemporary Dance Stage group and their guests. The performance based on a combination of dance, music, and stage movement was prepared especially with Villa Decius’s space in mind. Thanks to this special adaptation, the public will be invited not only to an artistic performance, but also for a walk through Villa Decius’s gardens.


The director and choreographer and co-author of the presented work, alongside Magdalena Malik, is Anita Podkowa-Brańka. Performers: Magdalena Malik, Aleksandra Kupis, Agata Kot, Małgorzata Markov, Natasza Leśniak, Monika Foster, Dominika Szala – Wentland and Rasm Al-Mashan and the violin trio: Magdalena Brudzińska, Luiza Bernatowicz, Justyna Duda.


The project is financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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