Apply to VACuM: training for young culture managers

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM) is a new international educational initiative based on cooperation of Villa Decius Association with Marcel Hicter Association for Cultural Democracy from Brussels and supporting partners from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine. The project is addressed to young culture managers working in public and private institutions and non-governmental organizations in the Visegrad Group countries and Eastern Partnership.



VACuM is a 24-month training, encompassing two 10-day training sessions (September 1 – 10 in Kraków and March 9 – 18 in Prague) and a 3-day Diploma Seminar (September 12 – 14 in Tbilisi).


Candidates should possess basic knowledge about European, national and regional sectoral policies and a minimum two-year experience in managing cultural or artistic projects addressed to local and international communities, as well as very good command of English. The selection will be made by an international panel of experts on the basis of evaluation of qualifications and professional experiences, as well as the quality of projects submitted by candidates. Applications are to be made via an application form available at www.vacum.eu. The deadline for submitting applications elapses on May 15.


The Academy’s programme encompasses current economic, political and social issues of Europe, used to deepen the knowledge on creating and implementing social, economic and cultural policy and development of managerial competences in the area of managing local issues and international cooperation. The project substantially contributes to establishment and strengthening of cooperation among participants of the Visegrad Group and countries from Eastern Partnership and emergence of numerous joint projects in the future.


Participation in VACuM (documented by a certificate) will constitute confirmation for the level of knowledge within the scope of establishment of sectoral policies and competences in the area of management. It may turn out to be an added value when applying for work or allow the graduates to run their own companies supporting system transformations and reforms in their countries.


More information at the site of the project: www.vacum.eu


The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management is a part of the Platform for Advanced Studies – a project co-financed by the Narodowy Bank Polski. The main objective of the project is to develop a platform for advanced studies, which is alternative to regulation studies and is aimed at acquiring advanced knowledge in the area of culture and economics, including the role and mission of the Narodowy Bank Polski, national and European financial policy and shaping of attitudes favourable to international cooperation and the development of entrepreneurship.


More information about project: www.vacum.eu









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