Project Europe – its perception and changes in Poland – Summary

For this four-day seminar 26 teachers, scientists and students from the German state Hessen came to Krakow. The aim of this cooperation between the Villa Decius Association and the German Association for Political Education (Deutsche Vereinigung für politische Bildung – Landesverband Hessen) was to support the understanding between the two European neighbours Poland and Germany.During the conference lectures were given by specialists on topics like Poland’s political and economical situation within the European Union, and the German-Polish relations.


Within that historical perspectives and its influences on the present situation played an important role (e.g. Poland’s long fight for Independence, the 2nd World War and the “Cold War”) These information served as a basis for further discussions with a very dynamic interaction between the specialist speakers and the group, in which different perspectives were exchanged. The seminar showed the importance of this, especially in times of a confrontational media coverage in both countries. Furthermore the conference might promote an interest in a direct exchange between German and Polish colleagues in the field of political education on the discussed topics.

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