Professor Jacek Woźniakowski Citizen of Małopolska of the Year 2008

Prof. Jacek Woźniakowski, first mayor of Krakow after the rebirth of the city self-government, founder of the Clubs of Catholic Intelligence, founder and director of the publishing house Znak, honorary chairman of the Villa Decius Association, and the priest and professor Michał Heller, laureate of last year’s Templeton Prize, were honoured with the title “Citizen of Małopolska of the Year” awarded by the Association of the Municipalities and Districts of Małopolska. Danuta Glondys, director of the Villa Decius Association, received the award on behalf of Prof. Jacek Woźniakowski on the 14th All-Polish Charitable Carnival Ball at the Wawel on 21 February 2009.


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