“Oskar Kolberg ‒ Poland, Europe, World” ‒ Paweł Albiński’s piano recital

The Villa Decius Association would like to invite everyone to a piano recital entitled “Oskar Kolberg ‒ Poland, Europe, World” organised as part of the “Oskar Kolberg’s Heritage” project, prepared by outstanding pianist Paweł Albiński, on the 30th of November (Sunday) at 5:00 p.m. Admission is free with tickets available at the InfoKraków points (ul. św. Jana 2, the Wyspiański Pavilion) from the 18th of November and directly before the concert. The number of places is limited.


The “Oskar Kolberg ‒ Poland, Europe, World” piano recital prepared by Paweł Albiński is a presentation of the figure of Oskar Kolberg in the context of other, less well-known, and contrasting composers from countries such as: Ukraine, Cuba, Brazil, and Portugal. His “Fantasy on Polish Themes” is a synthetic piece, combining elements of a mazur, a polonaise, a kujawiak, and a song. It constitutes a representation of the composer’s style and showcases the traditions of Polish music.


In the concert’s programme, this work will be juxtaposed against other pieces that may be compared with Oskar Kolberg’s works in terms of dance forms, folklore, and songs. J. Vianna da Motta’s “Piano Ballad” op. 16, constructed in a variational form, whose theme includes two Portuguese songs: “Tricana d’aldeia” and “Ave Maria”, is worthy of special attention.


The programme will also include a piano piece by Ukrainian composer S. Bortkiewicz. His étude (A-dur “Fontaine lumineuse” op. 10 no. 3) is a great example of a piece of illustrative music. The title luminous fountain is the composer’s futuristic vision resulting from an inspiration with the beauty of nature ‒ particularly the lands of western Ukraine and eastern Poland.

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