Ondřej Hanus – Laureate of Jiří Orten Poetry Prize

We are pleased to inform you that this year’s scholarship holder in the “Visegrad Literary Residences” programme, Hanus Ondřej, is the laureate of the prestigious Czech poetry prize of Jiří Orten. Ondřej Hanus is a young Czech poet, translator and literary critic. He has published two independent collections of poems, ”Výjevy” (2013) and “Stínohrad” (2008); his work was also presented in literary magazines such as “Revolver Revue”, “Weles”, “Tvar”, “Host” and “Psí víno.” From May 1 to June 12, 2013 he is staying in Budapest on a scholarship in the “Visegrad Literary Residences” programme.


More information is available at: www.art.ihned.cz


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