Sunday at Decius: Frycek and Marcelina. Chopin’s Salon

Villa Decius Association and the Helen Doron’s Centre invite you to their annual family-run outdoor education on the occasion of Children’s Day. Referring to the Year of Frederic Chopin’s leading theme at this year’s Sunday Decius main theme will be the life and work of the greatest Polish composer – May 30, 2010, at. 11 am – 6 pm.


Art concept will be based on a combination of different artistic disciplines: literature, theater, dance, painting, decorative arts and architecture. The historic interior of the Villa Decius and the gardens surrounding the building will enable the implementation of planned events in the diverse and changing scenery. Throughout the day on the outdoor stage will be held contests and presentations of children and youth teams, as well as performances by guest artists (including the play “Chopiniana” performed by Ballet Ensemble Impression).


For the participants prepared a full day attractions in the form of games and activities for educational positions. Visiting all the posts, the youngest participants will be able to gain outdoor specially prepared for the occasion passports. Picnic will also provide an opportunity to participate in contests with prizes and a deepening of historical knowledge.


Outdoor is aimed at children and young people from primary and secondary schools, community centers, and the inhabitants of Krakow and tourists. The main idea behind Sunday at Decius is to promote joint learning through play. We want to promote among the children and their parents desire a creative, independent thinking and assimilation of new messages.


Children are encouraged to participate in the contest for the costume of the nineteenth-century Chopin’s Salon!


Project coordination:

Katarzyna Trojanowska






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