NIKE method – Integrating teaching in the European context

Villa Decius Association invites teachers of 1st – 3rd grade of primary schools who teach children from the Roma minority as well as assisting teachers and Roma assistants to a training of the NIKE method – Integrating Teaching in the European context. Applications are accepted until September 8, 2008.


The project has been realized since 2007 with an aim to introduce and adapt the NIKE method as a real didactic tool in schools attended by children from the Roma minority. The results of the project are supposed to serve for creating a model for other schools in Poland. The NIKE method proposes concrete actions, which should result in minimizing the percentage of Roma children that don’t finish the compulsory education.


The NIKE method is based on the principles of multicultural education, which gives room to using the differences between pupils in a creative way. Working in a specifically organized, heterogeneous groups, can help the Roma children to believe in their own competences and skills, improve their self-image and as a result, to get to like the school better and stay there as long as possible to learn effectively. Thanks to the NIKE method children from both ethnic groups (Polish and Roma) can get to know each other better and thus appreciate the differences between their culture. Additionally, teachers and Roma assistants will get a chance to practice and improve their intercultural competences.


The NIKE method is a carefully designed and ready-for-use didactic tool, and as such it is an example of good practices at school. The materials offered are designed mainly for pupils of the 1st – 3rd year of primary schools, although the NIKE method as a way of organizing the group work in class can be successfully used also by teachers of higher grades.


The training consists of four sessions in the Villa Decius in Krakow in September – October 2008. Training is provided for free. Applications are accepted until September 8, 2008.


For more information contact jaga@villa.org.pl or by phone 012 425 36 44, ext. 157.

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