Literary trios: Joanna Pawluskiewicz

Decius Villa Association and the Prefect of Nowy Targ District would like to invite you to a meeting with Joanna Pawluskiewicz. The meeting will be hosted by Krzysztof Wnuk. During the meeting the actress will tell about her stay in the USA, which inspired her to write ‘Pani na domkach’, about emigration, travelling and working in Chicago and about her second book, which takes place at the set of one of Polish TV series. There is no entrance fee.


Joanna Pawluskiewicz – a writer, screenwriter; she is also engaged in film and TV production, co-runs film foundation ‘Moma Film’. She is the author of the novel ‘Pani na domkach’ and ‘Soap opera’ and the co-author of the project ‘New urban legends’. Literary trios: The meeting will take place as a part of a new program of Decius Villa Association titled “Literary trios”, realized in cooperation with Book Institute and Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. The trio in the title stands for the author, his translator and a book of a given author chosen to be translated and defines the new formula for literary scholarship stays in Decius Villa. They are set to last one to three months. The organizers allow individual applications as well as a possibility of enlisting candidates by partners from Poland and from abroad. In 2009 10 individual scholarships will be granted: 4 for German-language authors and translators, 4 for Polish authors and translators and 2 for an author and a translator from the district of Lviv.


For 10 years Decius Villa Association has been supporting exchange and cooperation of young writers from Central as well as Central and Eastern Europe as a part of scholarship programs realized. In recent years Decius Villa Association hosted authors such as Dorota Maslowska, Michal Witkowski, Slawomir Shuty, Sylwia Chutnik, Tanja Dückers, Julie Zeh, Tilman Rammstedt, Andrej Chadanowicz, Serhij Zadan and Natalia Sniadanko as its scholarship receivers. During the author’s meetings with the readers in Cracow and other cities and towns in Malopolska, as well as from abroad, in Berlin and in Lviv, the audience will have an opportunity to learn more about a given writer owing to the presence of the translator of the author’s works.


As a part of the meetings planned, which will be organized in cooperation with the Philology Department at State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow, Teacher Training College in Zakopane and State Higher Vocational School of Podhale in Nowy Targ, particular trios will be presented: an author, a translator and a book – the original and the translation; the translator will also play the role of the co-host of the meeting, which will allow a deeper and more profound understanding of the text and problems it relates to.


Project coordinator: Renata Serednicka, email: renata@villa.org.pl

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