Conferences, concerts, workshops, interesting guests – a summary of the summer season in Villa Decius


The summer season in Villa Decius abounded in events and was quite a big challenge for our small team. From June till September, the Villa was visited over a thousand persons who took part in conferences, workshops, concerts and picnics held by us. We welcomed outstanding experts from around the world and fellowship holders who decided to spend a few months in Kraków and carry out their projects here. Below you can read detailed reports on events from the last few months.





Visegrad Summer School

50 participants from 13 countries, outstanding experts and two weeks of inspirations in the form of workshops, lectures and study visits. Here you can read participants’ opinions about the School: https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/letnia-szkola-wyszehradzka-oczami-uczestnikow-czyli-zakonczenie-16-edycji-programu/


Write the game

14 writers and two weeks of inspirations in the form of lectures, script-writing workshops, individual meetings with mentors, study visits to the most interesting game studios in Kraków, and work on the creation of a quest (adventure): https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/program/write-the-game-szkola-letnia-scenariuszy-gier-komputerowych/


Literary fellowships

On 1st September 2017, Budapest, Bratislava, Krakow and Prague welcomed the arrival of the fellowship holders in the new autumn edition of the international “Visegrad Literary Residency” program. Four fellowship holders are our guests https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/pisarze-wyszehradzcy-w-willi-decjusza-zaczynamy-jesienny-cykl-stypendiow-literackich/



Creative writing workshops for persons aged 60+ begin already in October. Saga is an excellent comprehensive offer supporting the education, integration, and activation of senior citizens and the use of their knowledge, competence, and potential for the development of the local environment and communities https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/program/saga/



In 2017, we began co-operating with the Małopolska Institute of Culture, which resulted in the “Cicerone” project – a cycle of seminars for the personnel of culture concerning the interpretation of heritage in which experts from around the world participate: https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/cicerone-cykl-seminariow-dla-kadr-kultury/


Krakow Picnic

A City Green project that enchanted us! We spent August weekends in the Decius Park, where we promoted our projects. This event attracted crowds of Kraków inhabitants! https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/piknikuj-w-zieleni-zapraszamy-na-piknik-krakowski-do-parku-decjusza-20-sierpnia/


The Trail of the Renaissance in Małopolska

It is already the 10th edition of the project full of inspirations and workshops addressed to persons who are interested in the historical heritage of the region and want to obtain competences of guides to historic sites https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/jubileuszowa-10-edycja-projektu-szlak-renesansu-w-malopolsce-wyklady-warsztaty-wizyta-studyjna-wystawa-miniatur/



The second edition of the Visegrad Academy of Culture Management started in September. The project is addressed to young culture managers working in public and private institutions and in non-governmental organisations in Visegrad Group and Eastern Partnership countries https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/zglos-sie-do-vacum-ruszyly-szkolenia-dla-mlodych-menadzerow-kultury/


UNESCO WatchDogs Forum

Together with the World Heritage Watch we organised the 4th International NGO Forum devoted to threats to the World Culture Heritage, which was attended by over 80 leading activists from around the world representing non-governmental organisations from Poland, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Indonesia, Turkey, China and Botswana https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/o-lepsza-ochrone-zagrozonych-miejsc-dziedzictwa-unesco-apeluja-niezalezne-organizacje-obywatelskie-z-calego-swiata-zapraszamy-30-czerwca-do-willi-decjusza-na-unesco-watchdogs-forum/


Villa Artis Musicae

The summer offer of Villa Decius included also concerts held in co-operation with Capella Cracoviensis. The season was inaugurated with an annual family picnic event “Sunday at Villa Decius” on 4th June. During successive weeks from June till August, concerts with a diversified repertoire ranging from baroque music to modern arrangements and improvisations were held in historic rooms https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/villa-artis-musicae-letni-cykl-wydarzen-muzycznych/


Sightseeing of Villa Decius

We have made the premises of Villa Decius available to visitors under the “Open Villa” project https://www.villa.org.pl/villa/aktualnosci-post/zobacz-nas-z-bliska/


We would like to thank all partners for their co-operation and help in the organisation of events.


































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