Kholoud Charaf won the prestigious Ibn Battuta Award

The Syrian writer Kholoud Charaf, who is currently in Krakow on her two-year residency within the framework of the ICORN program (International Cities of Refuge Network), received recently in Casablanca the prestigious Moroccan Muhammad Ibn Battuty Award in the field of reportage. Her award-winning work, entitled “Return to the Mountains. A Journal in the Shadow of War “, tells the story of the author’s return from Damascus to her homeland in the mountainous south of Syria. This journey evokes Charaf’s memories and thoughts that confront the land of childhood existing in her memory with a picture of desolation instead.


Thanks to the Award, the book was launched in Arabic and the author is invited to the book fair in the United Arab Emirates. In the nearest future Charaf’s literary texts will also be published in Polish. More information coming soon.

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