Sugar coupon. Final spectacle of workshop participants

As a result of prior workshops on highly varied material presenting the culture of the turn of the 1970’s and 1980’s, ranging from literary works through lyrics, comics, propaganda brochures, press columns, to music tunes and art works; a final spectacle will be created. The script of the play will be written by the project manager and a director Wiesław Hołdys.


The spectacle will include theatrical, music and artistic etudes showing characteristic dichotomies of the cultures of a given period. Mass character of official culture will be juxtaposed with individual character of unofficial culture, as well as different settings for them – stages, public rallies with private flats, walls with leaflets on them. Apart from young participants, professional actors conducting the workshops will take part.


Villa Decius

28 lipca 1943 Street 17a



24-th September 2009, Thursday

5 a.m.

entrance fee: free

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