The new crime and reportage issue of the „Radar” literary magazine

The new eighth, extraordinary crime and reportage issue of the „Radar” literary magazine, published by the Villa Decius Association is coming soon. Its premiere will take place in Lviv at the 20th Publishers Forum (10-15 September). 


The new issue will include, among others, a text by Sofija Andrukhovich entitled „Felix Austria” about the search for the spirit of Galicia in the scenery of Nowa Huta; Ziemowit Szczerk’s reportage „Holidays in the Apocalypse”; Vasil Machno’s story about „the land where seven languages were spoken, and chickens, though they could not fly, spoke at least three”.


Also worth a read are the text on Kalmykia by Lubko Deresz, Andrzej Muszyński’s story about the man „Who left at dawn as Edward and later returned as Zbyszek”; „The Allotment”, a moving short story by Sylwia Chutnik and fragments of the new crime novel by Paweł Jaszczuk. Poetry pages will include pieces by Radosław Melnyhkiv and fragments of nartative poems by Tomasz Różycki called „Lewa Nieludzki”. You will find all this and more in two language versions: Polish and Ukrainian. 

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