Villa Decius Institute for Culture – a new institution on the cultural map of Krakow

At the beginning of 2019 a new municipal institution came into existence in the historic palace complex of Villa Decius. Villa Decius Institute for Culture will focus primarily on popularizing, maintaining and promoting cultural heritage. The Institute cooperates with the Association working from Villa Decius since 1995. Therefore both organizations will even better fulfill the city’s cultural policy, without losing touch with the original character of the place.


The Institute shall focus on creating multidimensional space favouring integration and development for Krakow inhabitants through international exchange of good practices, promoting creativity and openness and lasting educational activity. The program shall embrace three ways realized through the Offices within the Institute: The Intercultural Dialogue Platform, Europe’s Cultural Heritage and Artist Residencies Centre. The latter being responsible for organizing art and literary resident programs. The Institute projects combine different areas of culture and art, moving significantly into the local public sphere. All of them having one common ground – cultural heritage, bound inextricably with Krakow and the renaissance Villa Decius itself.


Villa Decius Institute for Culture, by supporting and promoting national and international partnerships, works actively to strengthen the position of Krakow as a part of many organizations, such as the Organization of World Heritage Cities OWHC, The Creative Cities Network UNESCO, The League of UNESCO Polish Cities and Places or the National Heritage Institute.



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