The Residential Programme „George Sand – Frederic Chopin”. Scholarships for artists

The ”Residential Programme George Sand – Frederic Chopin” consists of ten-week stay in Palace Genshagen near Berlin and is intended for artists representing various fields of art: literature, music, plastic arts, theatre, media arts.







I. General information


The “Residential Programme George Sand – Frederic Chopin” consists of ten-week stay in Genshagen Palace near Berlin and is intended for artists representing various fields of art: literature, music, plastic arts, theatre, media arts. The programme has a trilateral character, as three artists, one from Poland, one from Germany and one from France, take part in it simultaneously. Upon the end of the project, artists will display the outcomes of their mutual co-operation in the form of a presentation called “work in progress”.


The programme’s aim is to enable artists to exchange thoughts, inspirations, as well as, creative art creation without borders. Scholarship residence will take a form of a workshop, during which, new works enriching Polish-German-French co-operation on artistic and social levels, will be created.


The Foundation is located in Genshagen Palace, therefore the residence is related to this place. The artists will have professional studios and comfortable apartments at their disposal. The old park surrounding the palace will definitely be an attractive place for inspiration. City of Genshagen is situated about 25 km south of Berlin.


Villa Decius from Cracow and Théâtre des Bernardines from Marseille (France) are our partners. Both partner institutions are also programme’s co-authors, who deal with its further evaluation. The Residential Programme is co-financed by Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (BKM).


Foundation Genshagen


According to its charter, the Foundation aims to “support the international understanding and dialogue in policy, economy, science and culture to intensify the European co-operation between France and Germany, especially with their Eastern neighbours.” The Foundation Genshagen was created in accordance with civil law, has legal entity and operates for the public benefit. The State of Brandenburg and the government of the Federal Republic of Germany, represented by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media are its founders. The Foundation’s resource can only be used for implementation of its own operational aims.


Foundation Genshagen commits itself to a civic dialogue between Germans and Frenchmen, more and more intensively including co-operation with Poland into its actions. In order to do so, together with both national and international partners, the Foundation organises conferences and seminars, as well as, implements culture and youth projects, as part of actions of its two departments “Promotion of Culture and Art in Europe” and “European Dialogue”.

Additionally, the Foundation possesses numerous connections with partners from Germany and abroad, which enables co-operation and exchange of experience of people from various cultural and social circles, enriching the European dialogue.


Weimar Triangle


In reference to the idea of the “Weimar Triangle”, institutionalised intergovernmental exchange, being the effect of the 1991 meeting between the Ministers of Foreign Affairs from Poland, France and Germany, Genshagen Foundation more often takes its Polish neighbour into consideration in its activity. During trilateral meetings, a rich and fruitful discussion develops.


Residence Programme


The idea for a residence programme for artists from Poland, Germany and France was born during the Chopin Year 2010. Its originators were Bernd Neumann, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, and Bogdan Zdrojewski, the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. Love and artistic relations between George Sand and Frederic Chopin are a perfect example of mutual inspiration and creative process of creation, as both of the artists were successful in different fields.


Both Chopin and Sand are nowadays considered to be forerunners of their times. In the beginning of 19th century, George Sand was publishing her novels under a male pen name. She was an emancipated writer, stigmatizing social inequities. Known for her eccentric behaviour, she led an independent life, overstepping social conventions.

The work of Chopin, genius pianist and composer, is characterised by incredible artistic sensitivity and ability to draw on the models of not only great composers, such as Haydn, Mozart or Bach, but also on Polish folk music. Chopin’s “polonaises” and “mazurkas” entered the world’s classic music canon for good. Chopin and Sand’s relationship lasted for ten years.

Because of its trilateral character, the Residential Programme “George Sand – Frederic Chopin” is a project one of its kind. It offers the chosen artists a possibility for “transborder” artistic experiment.


We expect the candidates’ eagerness and courage to:


  • co-operate with other scholarship holders
  • discover the city of Genshagen, its history and possibilities
  • take interest in the Genshagen Foundation’s activity, its audience and employees
  • work, possibly, as an “artist – co-worker” (so called “artiste associé”) in the Fundation’s department “Promotion of Culture and Art in Europe”.


II. Requirements


Artists Profile

We are looking for artists representing various fields of art: literature, music, plastic arts, theatre, media arts; from Poland, Germany and France, who:


  • possess a formed artistic profile and are eager to interdisciplinary supplement their education,
  • pay attention to current social and political affairs,
  • are interested in the notion of art as such and promoting art in social context,
  • are open to co-operation with other artists,
  • are open to get to know the city of Genshagen and the Foundation’s programme,
  • are willing to reflect upon the keynote of Polish-German-French scholarship, as well as, love and artistic relations between Frederic Chopin and George Sand


Language proficiency

Good knowledge of two out of three languages (Polish, German, French) is required.


III. Genshagen Foundation offers:


  • one-time 2.500 € scholarship + payment for materials necessary for work (prize to be negotiated)
  • travel expences covered (arrival and departure)
  • accomodation in comfortable apartments with kitchen annexe; laboratories/studios (to be agreed upon)
  • professional care and artistic consultations on the spot
  • ceremonial ending of the Project in co-operation with Genshagen foundation, Institut Français and Polish Insitute in Berlin. Additional celebrations during the residency are also available.
  • Scholarship holders will also have an opportunity to work as co-workers (“artiste associé“) supporting Genshagen Foundation activity during trilateral projects.


IV. Formalities:


  • Criteria for choosing
  • There will be a call for applications. Decision will be made by a trilateral commission.


Time of residence

4 September – 13 November, 2011.


Closing date for applications

1 June 2011 (date as postmarked).


Form of application

Please send application form >>> and attachments both in electronic version and by post.


Applications and details:

Katarzyna Renes


Phone No: 0048 12 425 36 38 extension 180

Fax: 0048 12 425 36 63


The Villa Decius Association

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