Forum: Sustainable Development Strategies and Climate Change – Challenges for Business

On behalf of United Nations Development Program UNDP, the coordinator of Global Compact, Kofi Annan’s initiative, The Villa Decius Association welcome to participate in the Forum “Sustainable Development Strategies and Climate Change: Challenges for Business”. The project is scheduled to take place on February 18, 2008, at Villa Decius (ul. 28 Lipca 17a, 30-233 Krakow).


The aim of the Forum is to start discussion on changes that will enable better protection of environment with regard to voluntary corporate responsibility initiatives. The further objective of the Forum is to raise awareness among the media about the issue of corporate adaptability to the consequences of climate change and initiate discussion with participation of different social group representatives on the issue of counteraction to climate change.


The forum is linked to the Kyoto Protocols, which 11-th anniversary will be celebrated on February 16, 2008. The following organizations UN, ASEAN, APEC, G8 are now deeply concerned with the environmental issues. The organizers of the Forum hold a strong conviction that in order to enable the counteraction process to fast climate changes which are causing a danger either on global and local stage there is a need of forum providing exchange of ideas among business, civil society organizations, government and media that will as a result initiate joint projects in which different stakeholders will be engaged.





Please register for the Forum by 12 February 2008:

Maria Shmelova, UNDP Global Compact manager, ph. 022.8491647,

e-mail: maria.szmelova@undp.org

Forum’s language: Polish

The Forum will take place at:

Villa Decius, ul. 28 Lipca 17a, 30-233 Kraków, www.villa.org.pl


Villa Decius project manager: Katarzyna Kopeć

ph: 012.4253644 ext. 180, fax: 012.4253663, katko@villa.org.pl



Financial support is provided by

the European Commission and United Nations

Development Programme (UNDP).

For Further information please visit: http://www.acceleratingcsr.eu


Project Partners


  • Inicjatywa Global Compact
  • Program Narodów Zjednoczonych ds. Rozwoju
  • Ministerstwo Pracy i Polityki Społecznej
  • Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu
  • Polska Konfederacja Pracodawców Prywatnych Lewiatan


Forum Partners


  • Stowarzyszenie Willa Decjusza
  • Fundacja Aeris Futuro
  • MARR



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