Multicultural Festival – “Legends and fairy tales from foreign countries”

As part of the action carried out during this year’s Multicultural Festival – New Krakowianie, we invited our kindergartens to cooperate with us to carry out classes during which group leaders read fairy tales and legends from foreign countries to the youngest Cracovians. Fairy tales and legends read to children became an inspiration for drawings. The resulting works created a surprise greeting, which we attached to meals distributed as part of the “All tastes of Krakow” campaign. At this point, we would like to thank the kindergartens once again that eagerly joined the action:



  • Niepubliczne przedszkole ABC
  • Samorządowe Przedszkole nr 43
  • Samorządowe Przedszkole nr 140 im. Krasnala Hałabały
  • Samorządowe Przedszkole nr 41 im. Zbigniewa Wodeckiego


At the same time, we invite you to our online gallery, where you can see all the works of our youngest participants of the Festival:



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The event was co-financed by the Municipality of Krakow.



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