Multicultural Festival: Krakow – Get – Together! See the programme of events!












Multicultural Festival: Krakow – Get – Together will be an 8-days long event (24 November – 1 December 2019) taking place in Krakow with the involvement of districts located on the suburbs of the city. The events will be implemented in cooperation with NGOs working for foreigners, integrating national minorities with local communities, as well as employers employing foreigners, universities and schools, city institutions and local communities.






Krakow is a city with a rich cultural heritage, opened to multiculturalism and a harmony of local and new factors. The people of Krakow are the heirs of this heritage and it is their duty to respect and develop it. In the last decade, thanks to international cultural policy, Krakow has become a strong centre on the international stage of interstate and local government relations. That is why the Villa and various places on the map of Krakow will become hospitable and at the same time exotic enclaves of other cultures! We will read fairy tales and legends, cook together, walk, play instruments and talk about topics not necessarily easy.




Program of events – link

Project implemented by the Villa Decius Association in cooperation with the Villa Decius Cultural Institute.



The project is financed by the municipality of Krakow.


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