Multicultural Festival – “Krakow – history – path”



Multicultural Festival 2020 – New Cracovians

“Krakow – history – path”





This year, the meeting face to face as part of the Multicultural Festival – New Cracovians, on a multicultural walk was impossible, so we decided to create a multicultural map of Krakow that connects new and present Cracovians. In order to stay in an atmosphere of sightseeing and a sense of community, foreigners living in Krakow or visiting our city were asked to indicate their favorite places, and a brief justification why this particular place won their hearts. On the basis of 20 answers and justifications that make a smile on the face, the guide Wojciech Zabielski prepared short descriptions of these places, thanks to which it was possible to combine the present and the personal dimension of these places with their historical context. Anyone interested in what the story is behind Forum Przestrzenie, Park Krakowski or Zakrzówek, will read about it in the prepared path. Descriptions have been translated into English and Ukrainian.



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