“Decius Ducats” – Education, play and an overnight stay

Decius Ducats is the programme promoting the knowledge of economy, history and numismatics addressed to primary school, grade 4-6 pupils and teachers from the Małopolska Province. Among its main themes are selected issues relating to history of money from the ancient to contemporary times; from the value and role of money through monetary policy to numismatics. Some of the classes are devoted to the presentation of Nicolaus Copernicus and Justus Decius, the authors of the leading Renaissance treatises on economy in dispute on the monetary policy of the time.


Classes will be held by experts and specialists in economy and culture with a focus on development of economy, EU’s and Poland’s monetary policies, numismatics, the Renaissance and its most distinguished representatives.


The event will take place between the 5:00pm and 9:00am the following day and include the visit to Villa Decius, a numismatic workshops, overnight stay, supper and breakfast. The programme will be attended by 10 groups of pupils and teachers from the Małopolska schools. It will be realized in October and November 2013. The participation in the programme is free and it is available on the first come first served basis.




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Marek Sowa – Marszałek Województwa Małopolskiego

Aleksander Palczewski – Małopolski Kurator Oświaty




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