Do we trust Europe? World politics and priorities of the Polish Presidency of the EU

20 April, 2011, 5 pm. Lecture in English. It is the first of a series of lectures devoted to European issues at the threshold of assuming EU Presidency by Poland, in which Dominique Moisi and Leszek Jesień will participate. Dominique Moisi is a Senior Adviser at the IFRI (French Institute of International Relations) and a professor at the College of Europe in Natolin, author of „La géopolitique de l’émotion,” published by Flammarion, 2009). Leszek Jesień political scientist, lecturer, holds a PhD in Political Science, former State Secretary of Prime Minister’s Office (2006). After resigning from ministerial position, he started working in The Polish Institute of International Affairs where he is the European Union Programme Coordinator.



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