Should reporters wear comfy shoes? A meeting with Michał Olszewski

On 21 May (Thursday) at 5 pm, Villa Decius will host a meeting with Michał Olszewski, reporter and author of the widely discussed collection entitled “Najlepsze buty na świecie” (“The Best Shoes in the World”). The event will inaugurate the “SAGA creativity workshop” targeted at senior citizens interested in literature and creative writing. The meeting will be hosted by Katarzyna Kubisiowska. Admission is free of charge.


Michał Olszewski (1977) – journalist, prose writer, author of books such as “Do Amsterdamu”, “Chwalcie łąki umajone”, “Low-tech”, and “Zapiski na biletach”. Olszewski mostly takes up the themes of space, ecology and social change in Poland after 1989. 2014 saw the publication of “Najlepsze buty na świecie” by the Czarne Publishing House.



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Co-financed by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage.


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