ComAnCE: online hate speech analysis tool – now available

Project (ComAnCE) Combat Anti-Semitism in Central Europe has entered a new stage. The CASED database, which is one of the most important and largest products of this project, is now available. The database is the result of media content research on anti-Semitic hate speech in the online space carried out among the four partner countries of the V4 countries. Collecting real-life examples of anti-Semitic hate speech in one place, the user can not only check himself and others for linguistic abuse, but also find out why a particular term is offensive or generate other examples using a particular word. Using the CASED database is intuitive and simple, and each of us can submit our own examples of terms that carry the traits of hate speech towards Jews. The tool is available for free in five language versions: Polish, English, Hungarian, Czech and Slovak.


Further activities of the project include trainings for target groups, according to a dedicated program, and a concluding scientific conference.


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Link to the CASED database: https://www.cased.eu/



Main coordinator of the project: Bratislava Policy Institute

Partners: Villa Decius Association, Republikon Intézet, Civipolis O.P.S.





This project is founded by European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme (2014-2020).


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