“Hip Hop, Put Hate to Stop!” in Tuczno

Between the 13th and the 14th of April 2015, five-day workshops with secondary school students took place at Zespół Szkół im. Wedlów-Tuczyńskich (The Wedel-Tuczyński Family School Complex) in Tuczno, West Pomeranian Region, as part of yet another edition of the “Hip Hop, Put Hate to Stop!” project. The aim of the initiative is to combat discrimination and hate speech with the use of self-mockery, humour, music, and film. The project intends to use young people’s creative potential in order to counter discrimination and hate speech and to encourage them to take an active part in public life.


Learning to improvise helps students learn active listening and verbal and non-verbal communication, teaches how to be open to ideas, to react quickly, to use imagination, cooperate, use their emotions correctly, get involved, and how to really be aware of what goes on around us. All these skills are necessary to communicate with others properly.


The effect of the project will be the promotion of tolerance and the improvement of the ability to identify hate speech, and consequently, a real change in the approach of young people from small towns to the use of the Polish language and the choice of words, both in their daily life and on the Internet. The main aim of the project is to combat hate speech among the participants.



See a feature video from the workshops in Tuczno

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